Due to the measures taken against the Covid19 epidemic, the meeting "Optimisation and non-regular analysis: a tribute to JJ Moreau", originally scheduled for 27 March 2020, is postponed to a later date.

Jean Jacques Moreau was a visionary mechanician and mathematician, author of fundamental works in vast fields ranging from convex analysis to non-smooth dynamics. We owe him the introduction of helicity (an invariant of Euler's equations), fundamental contributions in infinite dimensional convex analysis (proximal functions, duality...), the introduction of the stalking process by a moving convex and profound results on the formulation and resolution of the dynamics of systems with impacts and friction.

Jean Jacques Moreau passed away in 2014 and the Société Mathématique de France (SMF) and the Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI) created a prize in 2018 to honour his memory.

On the occasion of the first award of this prize, a day of tribute to Jean Jacques Moreau is organised on 27 March 2020, on the initiative of the Académie des Sciences and under its patronage, to show the very current influence of his work and illustrate it with the most recent progress.


This day of March 27, 2020 will take place in 2 stages and on 2 sites:

- Morning at the Collège de France: at 11:15 am, talk by the 2019 winner (F. Bach) of the Moreau Prize at the EdP Chair seminar (Pierre-Louis Lions), a reference to the "Convex Functional Courses" given by JJ Moreau in 1966-1967 at Jean Leray's invitation.

- Afternoon at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory (Jussieu): from 2pm, 3 talks (G. Buttazzo, B. Maury, V. Acary).

Program and access map attached. Free access as space permits.


V. Acary (INRIA, Grenoble),

F. Bach (INRIA, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris),

G. Buttazzo (Università di Pisa),

B. Maury (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)


The day was initiated by the "Mathematics" and "Mechanical and Computer Sciences" sections of the French Academy of Sciences. The organisation was entrusted to H. Brézis (Rutgers, Technion, LJLL, Académie des Sciences, Paris), JM Coron (LJLL, Académie des Sciences, Paris), P. Suquet (LMA, Marseille, Académie des Sciences).


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